The most intelligent development tools for C/C++


What is GCCSense ?

GCCSense is the most intelligent development tools for C/C++ using GCC's code analyzers. Using internal compiler information, it is capable to provide a high precise code completion functions. GCCSense is a standalone program, so any editors can use it.





Download both GCCSense and gcc-code-assist.

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User Manual

GCCSense User Manual

User's Voice

Please send me a comment with your name (or anonymous) to tomo@cx4a.org if you like it. Any comments are welcome.

Source Code

Git repositories are available:

To obtain source codes, execute the following commands. Be careful, GCC repository is so big.

$ git clone http://cx4a.org/repo/gccsense.git
$ git clone http://cx4a.org/repo/gcc.git
$ cd gcc
$ # checkout code-assist branch
$ git checkout code-assist


This software is distributed under the term of GPLv3+.